Male Abdominal/Tummy Liposuction 

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The abdomen is the most common area for men to accumulate excess fat and fibrous tissue. Abdominal fat in men can be due to aging, genetics, weight loss surgery or other factors. Thick fibrous fatty tissue is very difficult to remove with traditional liposuction. BodyTITE liposuction, conversely, melts the fibrous tissue making it easier to extract in a gentle way. As well, BodyTITE tightens the skin simultaneously preventing loose sagging skin after the fat is removed. This procedure offers a slimmer, more contoured and flat looking abdominal profile.

Only miniscule incisions are required where a tiny cannula is inserted to remove the fat. The incision marks fade quickly so there are no tell-tale-signs of surgery. You should be able to return to your regular life in just a few days. Liposuction to the abdominal area requires very little down time in comparison to some of the other areas that can be treated.

Flanks / Love-Handles Liposuction 
This is a liposuction sculpting procedure to eliminate what is commonly referred to as the "Love Handles". Male flanks are located just above the hip bone (curving around the back and sides). This is an area that is very resistant to diet and exercise. The flanks are an accumulation of localized fatty deposits and fibrous tissue that bulge over the waistband. The fibrous tissue is very difficult to remove with traditional liposuction. BodyTITE liposuction melts the stubborn fibrous tissue and fat making it easier to remove in a gentle way. The skin is tightened at the same time providing a smooth, taught and even result. The procedure improves proportions and contours for a more streamlined body shape. 

Only miniscule incisions are required where a tiny cannula is inserted to remove the fat. You will be required to wear an elastic garment for a few weeks post-surgery to provide support, help reduce swelling and keep the skin tight. The elastic garment is easily hidden under clothing. The incision marks will fade with time leaving no tell-tale signs of surgery. This is a very popular procedure in Dr. Bray’s office for both men and women.  Patients frequently comment on how much better clothes fit and they feel more confident with their new slenderized physique.

"Six Pack" Abdominal Etching Liposuction / Liposculpture
It is a liposuction body sculpting procedure to give definition to abdominal muscles to create the “six pack” appearance. It can be an affective procedure for those who exercise but are still unable to achieve that desired "six pack" muscle definition. In some cases it's because the abdominal muscles may be covered with a fatty layer which hides the muscles. 

The procedure is performed by inserting a small bodytite liposuction cannula through very tiny incisions and sculpting rows across the abdomen. An elastic binder, which is easily hidden under clothing, must be worn for several weeks after surgery. As the swelling subsides the definition will become more visible. It will take several months before you see the full result. 

Dr. Bray may recommend a circumferential tummy tuck or circumferential body lift if the loose hanging skin drapes around the sides and lower back.  A good candidate is someone who is in good health, a non-smoker, is at or close to his ideal stable weight and has realistic expectations.

Male Tummy Tuck's are performed under a general anesthetic and can take anywhere from one to three hours, depending on the complexity of the procedure (full tummy tuck, mini-tummy tuck or circumferential tummy tuck) and number of areas being treated with BodyTite™ liposuction. After the surgery, patients are required to wear a compression garment for several weeks, which will help reduce swelling and provide support to the abdomen. Patients should be up and walking around right after surgery, but may find it difficult to stand up straight for a few days. Swelling and bruising is normal and will steadily disappear. You should be able to return to work within a week or two depending on the demands of your workplace. Full recovery takes about a month, during which time you must refrain from any strenuous lifting or physical activities.

*Individual Results May Vary

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