Derma Fillers

Derma Fillers Toronto


Soft tissue fillers are created to smooth the look of wrinkles in the face, and can give the face a fuller, more youthful appearance. As you age, the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin, as well as excessive squinting, frowning, smiling and smoking, can cause wrinkles. To ease these wrinkles, soft tissue fillers can be used to fill out the creases in the skin. There are various types of fillers, such as long lasting synthetic substances like polymethyl methacrylate, natural temporary options like collagen or hyaluronic acid or long lasting surgical grafting procedures. Your surgeon will discuss with you the best option of all available fillers. 

Tissue grafting is a widely used procedure because there is no risk of allergic reaction, as there may be with an injectable filler. This technique can also be used to redefine the contours of the face and provide additional volume to the cheeks, chin, lips and lower eyes. Tissue is removed from regions such as the abdomen or thighs, and placed in the desired area. This procedure lasts longer in areas where small movement occurs, like the eyes or cheeks. If desired, this technique can also be applied to the hands to create a more youthful look. 

Swelling and bruising is to be expected after this procedure, and any discomfort can be easily controlled with medication. Portions of the new tissue will remain in place without being re-absorbed after each treatment, providing a long-lasting result. Treatments can also be repeated until you are completely satisfied with the result.

*Individual Results May Vary

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