Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery


Breast reduction surgery is a very effective method to reduce breast size, creating more comfortable or pleasing contours in proportion to the rest of the body. Women may consider a breast reduction for various reasons: many have breasts that are too large or heavy in proportion to their frames, they may have one breast that is much larger than the other, some could be suffering from back, neck or shoulder pain caused by disproportion or it could restrict some from certain types of physical activity. Dr. Bray will listen to your concerns and clarify the expected benefits of the procedure.

Dr. Bray recommends that surgery be withheld until breast development is complete. This includes childbirth and breast-feeding, as these events often have significant impact on the size and shape of the breast. While some women can successfully breast-feed after a breast reduction, the ability to do-so is unpredictable. If you wish to have a breast reduction before having children Dr. Bray will discuss the implications for lactation and breastfeeding in detail.

Breast reduction scars can be extensive with certain techniques and may be a source of concern for many women. Dr. Bray makes exclusive use of "short-scar" techniques, specifically the "vertical" breast reduction pattern or the newer "scarless" method using revolutionary BodyTite liposuction technology. In either case, extra tissue is removed and the breast and nipple are moved to a higher position. The nipple may be reshaped if desired and excess tissue may be removed from the contour of the arm. Unless the breasts are extremely large, this process usually allows for the preservation of sensation and possibly breast-feeding abilities.

Dr. Bray will discuss any potential complications such as bleeding, infection and anesthesia reactions. After surgery a support bra may be worn for a few weeks, and numbness is usually only temporary. Most women return to work within a few weeks. If, in time, you decide to again rejuvenate the appearance of your breast, a lifting procedure is possible. 

*Individual Results May Vary

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