Breast Augmentation with Fat  

 Breast Augmentation with fat


Breast augmentation and enlargement surgery is the most requested cosmetic surgery procedure by females in both Canada and the United States.

“According to the latest statistics from The American Society Of Aesthetic  and Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), Breast Augmentation now leads cosmetic surgery procedures in the U.S. and Canada.” 
- Toronto SUN

Dr. Bray is a cosmetic and reconstructive breast enhancement specialist in Toronto. With extensive experience he has refined his surgical skills and hidden scar techniques.  

For over ten years, Dr. Bray has performed every type of breast transformation surgery, including complex breast cancer reconstruction surgery, congenital breast deformity corrections, breast reductions, breast lifts and cosmetic breast augmentation. He has made extensive use of both saline and silicone implants, including the newest cohesive silicone gel (“gummy bear”) implants.  

Dr. Bray is the first plastic surgeon in Canada to perform male breast reduction treatments (gynecomastia surgery) using new technologies to avoid the telltale signs of surgery.   With Dr. Bray’s vast breast surgery enhancement knowledge, he can answer all surgical questions and offer the option best suited to each body type, breast shape and personal preference.

*Individual Results May Vary

What is breast augmentation / breast enlargement surgery?

Also known as augmentation mammoplasty, the procedure uses fat grafting or implants (made of saline solution or silicone cohesive gel) to increase the size, volume, firmness and shape of a woman’s breasts.

Aging, pregnancy and weight loss are a few factors that can change the look of a woman’s bust. Aside from common body changes, genetics can also leave women with small or disproportionate breasts. Thanks to the variety of implant choices and modern surgical techniques, the risks are minimal and scars are virtually invisible.

The procedure can increase size, improve symmetry and proportion, enhance curves and offer definition to a woman’s cleavage. Patients feel an increase in confidences, femininity and sex appeal with their new body shape. Because of these results, breast enhancement surgery is one of the most popular and rewarding cosmetic procedures Dr. Bray performs.

Who is a good candidate for breast augmentation?

Women in their 20s or early 30s who are unhappy with the size, symmetry, projection, shape of fullness of their breasts are ideal candidates for breast augmentation surgery.
Ladies who have experienced a change in their chest size due to pregnancy can correct the sagging and deflation caused by breast feeding. The volume, firmness and form of their previous breasts can be achieved from a breast augmentation and in some cases, if the breasts are sagging. Dr. Bray may combine a breast lift at the same time to reposition the breast for a perky full result. Other complimentary cosmetic surgeries may include a tummy tuck with the breast enhancement for a tighter midsection which is combined in one surgery for a complete mommy makeover result.

Those who are unhappy with their previous breast enhancement surgery can often benefit from a second procedure. Dr. Bray performs corrective surgeries for women who want to increase existing implants, require an extra lift, a breast implant renewal, sometimes switching from older type of implant or from saline to the newer cohesive silicone gel "gummy bear" implants for a more natural look and feel.


Patients are encouraged to be in good health, close to their ideal weight, a non-smoker and have realistic expectations. 

  How are breast augmentations/enlargements performed?

During the surgery, which generally takes from one to three hours, an approximate one inch incision will be made in a discretely hidden area. The area is determined by the type of implant being used, ensuring well hidden incisions so barely, if at all, visible scarring on the body.


After the surgery the patient can be discharged within a few hours, wrapped in gauze or wearing a surgical bra. Women usually notice discolouration or initial swelling which is perfectly natural, and these side effects disappear quickly.


Sufficient healing usually takes a week and patients are recommended to book a least that time off of work. Antibiotics and pain relief medication will be prescribed and a support bra may be recommended to help the healing process. All dressings and bandages will be removed within several days, stitches will be detached in a week and full activity should be comfortable after a few weeks.  

  Where are the incision site options?

There are three common incision sites:
• Transaxillary Incision: In the armpit; usually for saline filled implants.
• Periareolar Incision: Around the outer edge of the nipple; for smaller sized implants.
• Inframammary Incision: Underneath the breast fold within the crease; for silicone cohesive gel implants. 

  Where are the breast implants placed?

The implant can be placed either partially under or over the pectoralis muscle and under the breast glands. The placement of the implant is determined by the thickness of the patient’s breast tissue, body type, breast shape and desired size of implant. Placing the implant under the muscle will result in a more natural look and is the most recommended option.

  What are the breast implant choices? 

There are two choices of implants that have been approved by Health Canada: silicone gel implants and Saline “Salt Water” filled Implants.

Saline “Salt Water” filled Implants
This original form of implant consists of a silicone shell filled with saline, commonly recognized as the solution found in an intravenous. The silicone shell is only filled with the salt water solution once inserted into the body. These implants result in a visibly round breast shape.

  Rippling is a common problem found with saline implants and therefore need extra attention and potential return visits for the patient.

  Silicone Cohesive Gel “Gummy Bear” Implants
  These are more formally known as highly-cohesive, ‘form-stable’ implants.

  Since 2000, a new type of implant has allowed women to achieve the same soft and supple look of real breasts. Nicknamed “gummy bear” implants, the cohesive gel implants are silicone shells filled with a thick silicone gel that does not leak in the case of a rupture.

  These implants come in both an anatomical and a round shape and range in height and width in order to imitate the natural figure of a breast. They are recommended to women looking to achieve a more proportionate and natural breast enhancement.

  Fat Transfer (fat grafting)
  Transferring a patient’s own fat into their breasts has become a popular option for enhancement surgery. The fat can be used to gain a modest enhancement in size, correct mild asymmetries or improve shape.
The fat becomes recycled, purified and strategically injected into the breast, eliminating the risks of allergies or rejection. Although some fat will be absorbed into the body, the results are effective and low-risk.  

  How do patients choose the best implant?

Implants come with two different fillers, either saline or silicone gel, and different shapes, sizes and textures so that each patient can receive the best experience for their unique body type, breast shape and personal preference.

  Textures can be added to serface of the implants to ensure minimal shifting once inserted into the body and reduce the risk of capsular contracture.

  Patients can change the shape of their breasts to look rounded or appear in a tear drop form. Implants that are in the anatomical shape give the breast a natural look while contoured implants give the breast a slight slope. The projection of the breast can also vary, giving patients the option to tailor their bust’s profile.

  Each implant comes in a variety of widths and sizes to ensure each body type can be fitted properly. The size depends on the amount of stress caused to the breast tissue when the implant is inserted. Using a bra cup size as a reference will help Dr. Bray understand the patient’s expectation but he will ultimately base the measurement on the characteristics of each different body structure.

Scarless Breast Reduction Liposuction. What is it?
Scarless Breast reduction is a procedure in which excess fat is removed from the breast using BodyTite™ liposuction rather than a full breast reduction surgery. BodyTite™uses a small cannula so only a miniscule incision on each breast is necessary. And because Bodytite liposuction shrinks the skin while removing the fat it can achieve a lifting effect in addition to reducing weight. For recovery a tight bra is recommended to offer support, reduce swelling and help shrink the skin. You should be able to return to work within a week or so.

Breast Asymmetry Correction
Breast asymmetry refers to the difference in size or shape of a woman’s breast, areola or nipple. Most women naturally have asymmetry between the breasts, and usually the difference is not very noticeable. It is when asymmetry becomes quite significant that women may consider undergoing a surgical correction. As with all breast procedures, it is best to wait until bodily development has finished before any correctional measures are taken.

Dr. Bray will examine the size, shape, skin quality, and nipple and areola placement to determine how this procedure will best suite you. Treatment is customized to your specific characteristics and is based on physical features as well as the desired result. The procedure may correct one or both of the breasts and could involve a reduction, augmentation or lift to achieve symmetry. Small differences in size and/or shape might simply require adjustment with liposuction. When necessary, the nipples will be repositioned as best as possible to match in position, size and shape.

Light activity may be resumed after just one week, and after a few weeks all regular activity can be restored. With the correction of asymmetry complete, bras and clothes will fit better as your breast contours will be balanced. Any changes due to gravity should affect the breasts evenly now that they are equal in size and weight. 


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