Brazilian Butt Lift For Men

Brazilian Butt Lift


The "Brazilian Butt Lift" has rapidly become one of the most-requested procedures in Dr. Bray's practice. This popularity is such that we have created a website dedicated solely to this procedure and invite you review in more detail

The goal of Dr. Brays BodyTITE Brazilian Butt Lift, Augmentation and Body Sculpting procedure is to reshape, lift and augment sagging bottoms into a prominent, firmer, rounder shape and to sculpt the lower back for a more sensual backside and slimmer waistline.

During the surgery, Dr. Bray uses BodyTite, radio frequency assisted liposuction, to remove unwanted fat from areas of the body, such as flanks, hips (love handles), back or tummy. He then strategically transfers this fat into different levels of the upper buttocks to provide fullness, shape and projection of the bottom. As well, Dr. Bray uses BodyTite to sculpt and re-contour the lower backside to provide a curvaceous profile and a slimmer waistline with tighter smooth skin.

The transfer of fat is achieved by re-injection, which involves miniscule incisions that fade with time. Fat transplantation also enables customized augmentation and shaping. Using one's own fat is 100 percent natural so not susceptible to the risks associated with artificial implants.

*Individual Results May Vary

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