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Body Lift for Men toronto


A circumferential tummy tuck, more commonly known as a circumferential body lift, is performed when a patient has excess, overhanging skin that drapes around the entire body. This procedure is typically required after major weight loss, when a tummy tuck alone will not be adequate. In addition to removing loose skin around the love handles and lower back region, a circumferential lift also achieves lifting of droopy, deflated buttocks and outer thighs.

People need to be aware that losing weight after (Bariatric, Lapband) surgery is often just the first step toward attaining a desirable body shape. After the weight has been lost most patients are left with excess, sagging skin and stubborn fat deposits. Body contouring surgery then becomes the final step in achieving the slim, esthetically pleasing figure they have worked so hard to achieve.

As one of Canada's leading body contouring specialists, Dr. Bray has extensive experience performing Circumferential Body Lifts (Circumferential Tummy Tucks) post weight loss surgery. Even though the incision is long, extending all the way around the back, Dr. Bray positions it as low as possible. The final scar is typically hidden underneath the underwear band. In the front, the abdominal muscles are tightened as they would be with a typical tummy tuck.

In most cases, Dr. Bray will perform additional liposuction using the BodyTITE system to further refine the waistline and other contours of the torso region. As well, during the same surgery Dr. Bray can use the excess fat that has been removed, purity it, and re-inject into the buttocks for a more shapely and contoured backside (a Brazilian Butt Lift). 

Who is a good candidate for a Circumferential Tummy Tuck?

A circumferential tummy tuck is ideal for patients who have lost a significant amount of weight (usually after bariatric surgery) and are left with excess fatty deposits and loose, hanging skin that drapes around the sides and lower back. In cases where a patient's loose skin is mainly in the abdominal area, Dr. Bray may recommend an extended tummy tuck instead. A good candidate is someone who is at their ideal stable weight, in good health, a non-smoker and has realistic expectations.

How long is the Circumferential Tummy Tuck / Circumferential Body Lift, thigh Lift, Butt Lift procedure and the recovery period?

A circumferential tummy tuck or Lower Body Lift procedure is the most extensive of all body contouring procedures. It is performed under a general anesthetic and can take four to six hours, depending on the complexity of the procedure and the number of areas requiring liposuction.  

After the procedure, patients are required to wear a compression garment (similar to a girdle) for about six weeks, which will help reduce swelling and provide extra support to the abdominal area. Recovery takes at least eight weeks, during which time a patient must refrain from any strenuous lifting or physical activities to allow the incision to heal properly. Patients should be able to return to a desk job within 3-4 weeks.

*Individual Results May Vary

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